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Review: Little Known Pocky from Tropical Japan

March 07, 2015 1 min read

Choco Banana Pocky Review

Pocky is arguably the most iconic Japanese snack. Most people are familiar with the popular strawberry and chocolate Pockys, but did you know that there are tons of other flavors? Similar to Japanese KitKats, there are even special edition Pockys that are only available in certain parts of Japan. In this review, we take a look at the “Choco Banana Pocky” which can be found in southern Japan.

Choco Banana Pocky Japanese Snack


Nothing special here; typical packaging similar to all other Pockys. Personally, I think that the box art clashes a bit and is not very well designed. The cartoon monkey and bananas make it look cute, but the small picture of the chocolate being poured over the banana makes it look luxurious. There’s a stylistic disconnect. Like other Pockys, the packaging doesn’t protect much against the Pocky sticks breaking, so about a quarter of my sticks were broken.

Choco Banana Pocky Japanese Snack Review


These Pockys are chocolate sticks covered in banana frosting. I like the idea of mixing chocolate and bananas (it’s like a banana split sundae). Unfortunately, the chocolate flavor is too faint. The banana flavor is pretty good though, and doesn’t taste artificial or leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth.

Choco Banana Pocky


If you really like bananas, this Pocky is for you! I just wish the chocolate flavor was a bit stronger.

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