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Review: This Sweet Matcha Delight will Make You Come Back For More

June 26, 2015 2 min read

Look Royal Japanese Snack Review


Matcha, Matcha, Matcha.  When have we NOT seen a Matcha flavored Japanese snack?  But even with all of these Matcha flavored snacks, we all know that these snacks are DELICIOUS!  From Green Tea Pocky to Green Tea Kit Kats, we can never seem to have enough.  But, here is another Matcha flavored snack for you all to enjoy.  I present to you a chocolate with all that Matcha goodness inside, Look Royal Kaoru Uji Matcha.


Looking at the box that Look Royal comes in, it seems obvious that it is another Matcha flavored snack.  You can easily tell that this snack is Matcha flavored, even if you cannot understand any of the writing.  The whole box is green, and there is even a picture of pounded green tea in the background.  If you really want to know though, on the back there seems to be a small description of the snack.  It says that there are three layers: the chocolate cover, a fragrant matcha flavoring, and then the matcha cream.


Look Royal Japanese Snack Packaging

But what really caught my eye was the picture of the snack itself.  The snack looks like a chocolate dewdrop, with green filling inside.  The filling looked soft and easy to chew and it seemed like it would melt in my mouth.  This made me want to rip open the box and see if the picture of the snack met my expectations.

And so I did, I opened up the box and there were several snacks wrapped in a green wrapper with a white stripe down the middle.  On the lid, there seems to be the title of the snack again, Kaoru Uji Matcha.  Also a description of how it tastes is below the title and a picture of a Green Tea cup is shown, as if we didn’t know it was Matcha flavored already.   All jokes aside, let’s get to the tasting!


Wow!  As I bit into the chocolate, I immediately tasted a strong Matcha flavor.  The chocolate is bitter, but not too bitter that it tastes bad.  It tastes like a strong dark chocolate, which I really enjoy.  But, back to the Matcha.  The green tea flavor was super strong.  To those of you who love Matcha, this would be the snack for you.

Look Royal Japanese Snack Tasting

But what really makes this snack great is its texture.  The Matcha cream is so soft and melts right into your mouth.   The only chewing that needs to be done is breaking apart the chocolate, which then fuses with the Matcha flavor.  This brings out the best of both worlds, chocolate and matcha.


This is one of the greatest matcha chocolates I have ever tasted!  The matcha can be a little too overwhelming, but the texture is what really sold me.  Highly recommended to all matcha lovers and chocolate lovers out there!

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