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Review: The Overlooked Sweet Guaranteed to Secure More Matcha Fans

by Akira Makabe July 10, 2015

Waori Matcha Japanese Snack Review

The creator of the famous Japanese snack Pocky, Glico, is at it again. When it comes to Japanese snacks, either people like Matcha or they don’t. But no more! Matcha haters often hate Matcha’s texture, Earthy flavour, and sharp bitter aftertaste. Don’t worry. While it isn’t as popular as Pocky, it is way more delicious and will surely turn Matcha snack haters into Matcha snack lovers.

Waori Matcha Japanese Snack Review



For such tiny treats, the packaging does not skimp. The design is both indulgent and minimalistic. We see both the Matcha cookies inside and rich milk chocolate dripped on top. This image is starkly contrasted against a black background and simplistic white font. As a Matcha lover, I instantly notice the scattered Matcha. But unlike Look Royal, this cookie clearly is not all about the Matcha. The powdered Matcha thinly scattered beneath these cookies truly reflects their taste.

Upon closer inspection, the cookies look like they are made of Matcha grains. This may be a turnoff for people who hate the texture of Matcha. But even then, the dripping pool of chocolate still might entice you in. They sure drew me in~

The box opens quite flawlessly and the box is ridiculously sturdy. (I carried this box on a 17 hour flight and it’s still in perfect condition!) As indicated on the box, there are 3 bags of cookies. The bag itself is actually quite beautiful. Unlike the minimalistic box, the bag has a glossy flower pattern and Waori written on top. You also notice a lot more green once you open the box. There is no mistaking it-- this is still a Matcha snack.

Waori Matcha Japanese Snack Review


Immediately upon opening the bag, you notice how delicate these cookies are. They are extremely thin and really light. When you bite in, you first taste the chocolate and then the Matcha. This transition is where the magic takes place. The cookie-texture slowly dissolves into a slightly grainy texture. The rich chocolate evolves into a more elevated Matcha flavour. And the slight bitterness of the chocolate turns into the slight bitterness of the Matcha.

The chocolate and Matcha have a symbiotic relationship. They perfectly compliment one another in taste, texture, and overall experience. This cookie is neither too sweet nor too bitter. That being said, this cookie packs a punch. It is extremely flavorful and the taste stays in your mouth for a while after you eat it.

Waori Matcha Japanese Snack Review

TLDR: This cookie will make you love Matcha. The chocolate elevates the texture and taste of Matcha and vice versa. The flavors are perfectly balanced and super strong.

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Akira Makabe
Akira Makabe

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