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Review: The Perfect Cookie from Japan

October 21, 2015 2 min read 3 Comments

Best Japanese cookie

If you think Japan is a small, densely populated country, then you haven’t been to the northern island of Hokkaido (北海道) Japan. Thanks to the clean air, pristine waters, and rich soil, Hokkaido produces some of the best food in Japan

Today we take a look at the Kinotoya Milk Cookies (札幌農学校ミルククッキー), which we included in our OctoberSnakku Japanese snack subscription box. These award-winning cookies are made in Hokkaido’s prestigious Sapporo Agricultural College. These cookies are made with 100% natural, locally sourced milk, and the quality shows. These cookies have won the international Monde Selection award 3 years in a row! 

Hokkaido Agriculture School

Here’s how they describe their school and cookies:

“Hokkaido Agriculture School was founded in 1876 with the help of 4 renowned professors from the United States. The four pillars of the institution are ‘exploration’, ‘international mindset and prestige’, ‘holistic education’, and ‘emphasis on practical sciences’. The university has been home to many distinguished alumni who have changed the face of agriculture.”


“The milk cookies are made from the finest Hokkaido milk. The light textured yet rich milk cookies have the perfect consistency. The delicate and smooth milk flavor will spread throughout your mouth.”


best Japanese cookies

The packaging is pretty neat. Each cookie is individually packaged and laid out nicely in the box. It has a simple, yet classy and traditional minimalistic feel making it seem more rustic and homey. There’s also a sticker on the outside box which showcases their ‘Monde Selection’ award.

 It’s not the best packaging, but definitely unique. To see really great packaging, check out Kobe Fugetsudo’s snacks hereand here!

best japanese snacks


So what do award-winning cookies taste like?

Pretty darn good! I’ve had many shortbread cookies, but these are definitely a league above the rest. Shortbread cookies tend to crumble easily when you bite into them. But even though these are very delicate, they held their shape and didn’t crumble.

japanese snack review

Similarly, I find a lot of shortbread to be dry, overly sweet, or way too buttery. These Kinotoya milk cookies struck the right balance in both texture and taste. It was light and soft while still being crispy and buttery. It was sweet, but not so much that it leaves an overly sweet aftertaste.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a perfectly balanced cookie like this. These are the perfect afternoon snack and would go very well with a cup of tea or coffee.

TLDR: I can see why they won the prestigious international award. They deserve every bit of it. This is the most perfectly balanced cookie you will find.

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3 Responses

Chitha Unni
Chitha Unni

December 07, 2016

I like those Kinotoya Milk Cocies (札幌農学校ミルククッキー). How much is a box? How can I get these? It is because I saw this advertisement on your site that I joined your site!

Susan Burke
Susan Burke

December 23, 2015

I want to sincerely thank you for your incredible boxes. I ordered 2 sub’s: one for my daughter and one for my mother, Eiko Lusko. My mother is 82 and from Hokkaido. Sadly, she has not been back to Japan since the day she left, over 50 years ago. She lives in MI and there is not a huge market for Japanese foods, most especially authentic snacks. I was so happy to find your website and am pleased to be able to order a subscription for my mother. She received December’s box a few days ago. She absolutely loves it. It makes me so happy to do this for her. She has few reminders of her birthplace and I know your boxes put a smile on her face.
I thank you most sincerely.
BTW my teenage daughter is equally thrilled with your boxes! While I have not been fortunate enough to travel to Japan, my daughter has a strong desire to live there one day. Your tweets about Japan are so very interesting and laced with such beautiful images. I wish I would have learned of your boxes sooner, but better late than ever. Thank you.
Sue Lusko Burke
Stafford, VA


December 22, 2015

i have been loving the site, and am looking at some box options. these cookies look great, it is unfortunate i missed them…and it seems impossible to get a full box them in the US (well, i can’t find a way at least!) keep up the great work!

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