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Saga Nishiki

Each order comes with 16 Saga Nishiki.

Saga (佐賀) is located in northwestern Kyushu. It’s one of the least populous prefectures in Japan, but has a rich history and is considered to be birthplace of green tea in Japan when the monk Eisai brought tea leaves back from China. Because of this, Saga is also home to some of Japan’s most famous potters, as pottery-making flourished along with the rise of Japanese green tea cultivation.

Saga Nishiki is a famous snack made by Muraoka (村岡), a popular local snack shop that’s been making snacks since 1923. A soft dough made from yam is filled with red beans and chestnuts, and then sandwiched between delicate Baumkuchen cakes that were folded into hundreds of layers by hand. The recipe for this snack is said to have been passed down from the personal chefs of the Daimyo that ruled the area.

We included these in the January’20 "Kyushu the Land of Volcano & Hotspring” Snakku box.

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