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Do you ship internationally?

We started to ship internationally to a few countries including Canada. We plan to expand service to other countries very soon! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to get notified when we starting shipping to other countries. There will be a small fee to ship outside of the US ($5/box for Canada).

How are you different from other Japanese snack subscriptions out there?

The snacks that we include are high quality snacks directly from Japan that you can't get anywhere else. The other subscriptions guys all include generic mass produced snacks that are sold in any Asian grocery stores worldwide. They work with food distributors located in the USA. We work directly with the local snack makers in Japan to bring unique, delicious snacks are that only sold in Japan.

Can I pause, skip and manage my subscription?

Yup easily! If you ordered a 1 month recurring subscription, in the order confirmation email you get right after placing your order, you'll received a unique account URL. Just follow that link and you can update everything about your order in the subscription management center. Email us at and we'll resend you your unique URL.

Please note that pausing or skipping a month is only available for 1 month subscription plans. If you prepayed for our multi-month subscription and need to skip a month, shoot us an email at with your order # and which month you want to skip, and we'll make it happen! Sorry for the confusing way of doing this.

When and how do I cancel my subscription?

We are sad to see you go :( If you must go, you can easily cancel your subscription by logging into your subscription management center via the unique link which was sent with your initial order confirmation email. If you need the link again, send us an email at Follow the link and it will take you to your subscription management center. There you can easily cancel your subscription after logging into youraccount. 

Please note that if you cancel a subscription, it will only affect future subscription and not the current subscription. If you need to cancel your current subscription, shoot us an email at with your order # and we'll cancel it for you and refund the full amount.

Please note, you must cancel your next box within 5 business days prior to shipping of the box. If you cancel your subscription less than 5 business days prior to your scheduled box shipment, your cancellation will be taken into account after you receive the box.

Also please note that prepaid multi-month subscriptions can not be canceled in the middle of the subscription. Ex: if you bought a 3 month subscription in January, you can't cancel it for February or March. You can, however cancel it for April once the current subscription is completed.

Can I see my order information and status?

Easily! Just go to the top right of the site and click "sign in". Register for a new account using the same email you used during the checkout, or log-in if you've already created an account. Once you log-in, you can see all your current/past orders and their status.

Can I give Snakku as a gift?

Of course! Every Snakku subscription makes wonderful gifts for any occasion! Just enter the gift recipient's shipping address during your checkout. Send us your gift note to with your order number and we will add it to the box!

I have dietary restrictions. Can I add or change items in the box?

Every snack will have all the ingredients clearly labeled. Unfortunately, due to the difficult nature of sourcing locally made snacks from Japan we won't be able to customize the boxes. But, send us a message to with your dietary restriction and we can tell you what is upcoming in the next few boxes. 

What's included in the box?

Each box has carefully chosen assortment of snacks that you can only find in Japan along with some of the more popular and familiar snacks. You can expect about 10-13 tasty snacks in every box! Also every order automatically enters you into our monthly Deluxe Box giveaway which has over $100 of premium Japanese snacks. Not only that but you get a free pocket travel guide to Japan e-mailed to you right after your order!

When will my boxes ship? 

All boxes will ship by the 15th of every month. You'll receive an email with your tracking number as soon as it is shipped. All boxes are shipped with 3-day delivery.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

If for any reason you are not happy with Snakku, you can drop us a line at We'll refund the full cost of the subscription if you are not satisfied with the first box you receive.  If for any reason the box was received damaged, send us a message to along with a picture of the damage box and we'll send you a new box free of charge.

I need help!

Send us a note at and we'll get back to you ASAP! We'll be checking our inboxes 24/7 so feel free to drop us a line.