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A Box Filled With Love

This month, we celebrate the month of February in Japan; a season filled with love and lots of chocolate!

  • Over 20 snacks. That's nearly 1.5 pounds of snacks!
  • Exclusive seasonal Valentine's Japanese snacks
  • Lots of chocolate and strawberry snacks
  • Real gold covered hand-made ginger crackers from Kanazawa
  • Vibrant card describing the snacks and the story of the snack shop
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

Can you taste the love?

origami hearts

This month, we celebrate the month of February in Japan. First up, Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know that in Japan, it’s the girls who must give chocolates to guys they admire? 

white day japan

So when do the guys give chocolates to girls? Exactly a month later on March 14th, is White Day which is the day that we're more familiar with; the day that the guys give chocolate to girls.

Chocolate isn’t the only food that’s popular in February; it’s also strawberry season in Japan, so we’ve included a bunch of strawberry snacks too! And since February is still very much in the midst of winter for most of Japan, we’ve also brought you some snacks from the snowy city of Kanazawa.


Chocolate Arare (チョコあられ)

chocolate arare senbei

From a rice cracker store in Kyoto, comes a snack 10 years in the making! These chocolate-covered mini rice crackers have even been featured on TV in Japan. They come in two pouches: “bitter” & “sweet”. The bitter pouch includes matcha green tea, dark chocolate, and white chocolate covered crackers. The sweet pouch contains strawberry, milk chocolate, and white chocolate covered crackers.


Chocolate Fruit Crunch (クランチショコバー)

fruit crunch Japanese snack bar

These chocolate crunch bars are made by a boutique store in Hakata (an old merchant city in southern Japan). This delicious snack is made from the freshest locally sourced fruits, cocoa from Madagascar, and cream from Hokkaido. It comes in 2 flavors: strawberry and blueberry.

Pururun Strawberry Mochi (あまおうぷるるん)

strawberry mochi

This snack is made by the same store (Hakata Fuubian 博多風美庵) that made the Chocolate Fruit Crunch Bar. Their mochi is made from the finest rice in the area and then stuffed with seasonal strawberries from the island of Kyushu.

Gold Okaki (箔のかおり)

ginger gold cracker

These crepe crackers are delicately baked and then dipped in a ginger emulsion. It’s then topped with real edible gold foils, which are made by hand in the snowy city of Kanazawa. The artisans of this city have been making gold foils for over 500 years and still make them by hand to this day using techniques which have been passed down through generations.

Chocolate Senbei (チョコせんべい)

chocolate senbei

Heart-shaped airy senbei rice crackers covered in rich milk chocolate from Hokkaido. Enjoy!


What Our Customers Say

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What's In the Box?

february snakku japanese snack subscription box  february japanese snack box

Over 20 snacks themed around seasonal limited edition Valentine's Japanese snacks that you won't find anywhere else. Only available in Japan or through Snakku!
golden japanese crackers  chocolate rice crackers from japanese snack box
Plus the popular snacks below:
Strawberry Heart Pocky: These strawberry Pocky have sticks that are shaped like hearts. The perfect Valentine's snack.
Green Tea KitKat: These popular but delicious green tea KitKats are made with real matcha from Uji Japan.
Senbei: These rice crackers come in 2 flavors: plum and soy seaweed.
Umaibo: We love these airy corn puff sticks. So good!
Ichigo Milk Candy: Popular since 1970, these candies have a multi-layer strawberry and milk filling.

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