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Kinenishiki Azuki Wafer

Each order comes with a box of 12 wafers.

*Only available for US customers*

A very popular snack from the rural prefecture of Tochigi. The sand ground premium rice biscuits are filled with a mildly sweet Azuki bean paste, and then baked in a 100 year old clay oven. 

Azuki or Japanese red bean has been cultivated in Japan since 4000 BCE. When Azuki beans are turned into sweet paste, it’s known as “Anko”, “An”, or “Ogura”. There are a few different kinds of Anko: Tsubu-an is chunky with whole beans, Koshi-an is a smooth paste, and Shiro-an is made using white bean paste and has a milder flavor. Anko is not only delicious but has some health benefits too, as it’s fat-free and high in fiber, vitamins, and other minerals like potassium.

This snack was featured in our November'16 Snakku box!

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