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Kobe Pudding Cookie

Each order comes with a box of 18 cookies.

Exclusive snack from the city of Kobe! Caramel cream sandwiched between two delicate Japanese pudding-flavored langues’de chat cookies.

Kobe has always been an important port city for centuries. In the early days, Kobe was the main port for trade between China. Then again in the mid-19 th century when Japan ended its isolationism, Kobe was the first port to open up for international trade. Combine this with Kobe’s relatively small size, and you get a diverse international city that is great for casual wandering, shopping, and relaxing at high-quality restaurants and cafes.

Kobe is also home to the famous Kobe beef (considered to be the best beef in the world), some of the oldest sake breweries, as well as Japan's most famous hot spring resorts, Arima Onsen.

This snack was featured in our January'17 Snakku box!

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