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Masamune Cookie

Each order comes with 28 Masamune Cookie.

Date Masamune (1566-1636), was one of the most powerful and fearsome daimyos and the ruling lord of Sendai. He was most recognized for the intimidating crescent moon insignia on his helmet and his eye patch. Several theories exist as to what happened with his eye - some say he plucked out the already infected eye so it wouldn’t be a disadvantage on the battlefield. He even earned the nickname one-eyed dragon and his army was decked out in beautiful black armor and gold headgear. But he was also known to be an admirer of the arts and had built many palaces and backed projects to beautify the Tōhoku region.

Cute cookies in the same of a triangle rice ball (onigiri) but also made to look like Date Masaume with the iconic gold crescent moon helmet.

Included in the May'19 "Samurai of Sendai" Snakku Box.

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