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Matcha Azuki Cake Roll

Each order comes with a box of 10 Cake Rolls.

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A deliciously soft cake made from hand-picked tea leaves from Uji Kyoto, filled with chunky Tsubu-an Azuki beans from Hokkaido. The perfect afternoon snack!

We can trace matcha’s origin back to the 800s, when Buddhist monks first planted tea leaves around the Uji, Kyoto region. Today, that same region of Uji, Kyoto is considered to produce some of the best green tea in the world. Matcha used to only be consumed for special occasions and was made from tea bushes that were over 100 years old. It’s produced by stone grinding Tencha tea leaves grown in the shade.

A unique feature of Matcha is that it's the only tea where the whole tea leaf is consumed rather than just being steeped. It’s quite difficult to get genuine matcha that is made from Japanese green tea leaves, since green tea from Japan only accounts for 7% of the global green tea supply. Of all the tea that is produced in Japan, 95% of that is consumed domestically within Japan and only 5% is exported to other countries.

This snack was featured in our November'16 Snakku box!

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