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Ringo Chip Senbei

Each order comes with 15 Ringo Chip Senbei.

These handmade apple chip layered senbei are very popular in Aomori. The sweet and sour taste of the dried apples goes perfectly with the slightly salty baked rice crackers.

These snacks are from the northern prefectures of Japan, Aomori (青森). The area is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Japan due to its extremely clean waters, untouched forests, snow-covered mountains, plentiful hot springs, and bountiful seas. Aomori is not only beautiful, but is also seeped in ancient history; one of the earliest native settlements of Japan (dating back to 6000 BC) is found here.

We included these in the June’17 “Apples & Mythical Monsters” Snakku box.

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