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One of my favorite Japanese snack makers is Kobe Fugetsudo. Started in 1897, they make numerous premium Japanese snacks which are not only tasty but have great packaging, thus making perfect gifts. This week, we take a look at one of my favorites by them: Simosan.


Packaging: Kobe Fugetsudo has always done packaging right. All of their snacks are nicely presented since they are popular gifts to give others among Japanese people. Instead of the typical paper or plastic boxes you might find elsewhere, Kobe Fugetsudo gives aluminum boxes. Inside of the metal boxes, you find perfectly separated, individually foil wrapped cookies. From the moment you open it, you get the sense that this is a premium snack. Each cookie is roughly $1 and they come in variety of package sizes (4, 9, or 14 per box).


Taste: Kobe Fugetsudo’s description of the Simosan is as follows:

“Between delicately baked cookies, we have sandwiched liquor soaked raisins and vanilla cream. It has a soft delicate texture and a mellow aroma and flavor of the raisins and cream.”

Kobe Fugetsudo Simosan

I completely agree with the description. As you open up the cookie package, you are greeted with the delicious smell of cookies, vanilla, and liquor. The cookies were very soft and delicately flavored. It wasn’t too crumbly or mushy; it was just the perfect texture. Similarly, the raisins had great texture.  I’m usually not a huge fan of raisins because they are chewy, but here they were neither too chewy nor too soft. The vanilla cream soaked up the flavor of the liquor and had the texture of delicate homemade whipped cream. The best part was that no one flavor overpowered the other; everything was well balanced and had the right texture.


TLDR: Definitely worth getting if you are in Japan. The perfect mix of cookies, raisins, and cream with amazing packaging.

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Shigeki Abe
Shigeki Abe


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