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Review: Rum Raisin KitKat

January 27, 2015 2 min read

Rum Raisin KitKat

Japan: the land of the rising sun… and 100+ KitKat flavors. Last time, we reviewed the Azuki (red bean) Sandwich KitKat. This time, we’ll be reviewing the Rum Raisin KitKat.


Similar to the other KitKats, the packaging was great. Each box contains 12 mini-KitKats and the box is made of slightly textured glossy cardboard. It’s easy to open and has a small clasp to close the lid. On the inside of the lid is a short description about the origins of this KitKat flavor.

Rum Raisin KitKat

From the description:

“The story of rum: rum is made from sugar canes in the West Indies located in the Caribbean Sea. The name ‘rum’ is said to have originated when English traders saw the local population drinking rum and described them as being ‘rumbullion,’ which is slang for ‘uproar’ or ‘excited.’ 

Rum Raisin KitKat


On the back of the box is a brief description of the flavor:

“A fashionable Tokyo souvenir, the rum raisin KitKat has a refined and luxurious appeal. This KitKat has a deep rum raisin flavor complemented with a chocolate biscuit taste.”

Rum Raisin KitKat

I think this description fits the KitKat pretty well. The moment you open the packaging, you get a strong whiff of rum soaked raisins, which smells amazing. The KitKat is covered with a slightly fruity white chocolate coating. The wafers definitely taste like rum raisins (similar in flavor to the Kobe Fugetsudo Simonsans). What pleasantly surprised me was that after you eat the KitKat, you get a slight chocolaty aftertaste. Texture wise, it’s the same as a regular KitKat.

Rum Raisin KitKat


If you like KitKats, rum, or Japanese snacks, this is a must buy.

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