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The Best Sites For Planning Your Trip To Japan

August 25, 2015 3 min read 2 Comments

top 10 sites about japan

Thinking about going to Japan? Looking for interesting places to go while on your trip? Or just want to learn more about Japanese culture?

Our very own Snakku blog tries to provide some really neat information, but there’s only so much we can cover. And we know that there are a lot of other sites that provide great information about Japan. Here is our pick of the top 10 sites about traveling in Japan and Japanese culture:


Japanista:Your guide to visiting and experiencing Japan!

Japanista is a great all-around site for everything Japan. They have travel guides, Japanese culture info, local event info, and general news about what’s happening in Japan.

Here's a couple of their most recent articles:

The True Story Behind The Last Samurai 

empresses of japan

Women on the Throne – The Empresses of Japan 


Japan Info

Japan Info:Genuine information about Japan by the Japanese.

Like Japanista, Japan Info has a great posts about the unique Japanese culture, amazing places in Japan, and even a few restaurant guides. 

Japan Info

3 Amazing Sea Resorts in South-West Japan

7 Things That Are Rude Elsewhere, But OK To Do In Japan 



QoolJan:Good Experience Only In Japan

QoolJan is a small but well designed site. They introduce unique and interesting things that you can see and do in Japan. They have a very interesting list of ’71 Things To Do In Japan’ in addition to their blog.

The First Station In Tokyo 

Washi Paper japan

Handmade Japanese Paper Washi 


Japan Travel Mate

Japan Travel Mate:Photo Blog and Travel Guide

This is a beautiful site with lots of great travel guides and HD photos of Japan. They also have a section providing travel tips and “best of” locations in Japan. A must visit for people planning a trip to Japan

50 reasons why japan is awesome

50 Reasons Why Japan Is Awesome 


Taiken Japan

Taiken Japan:Explore Japan

Another beautiful site with nice travel guides. But Taiken also offers a glimpse of what Japanese people are talking about and what’s happening in Japan.

how tokyo will change after 2020 olympics

Olympic Dreams: How Will 2020 Change Tokyo? 

Fukushima: After The Nuclear Power Plant Accident 


Japan Talk

Japan Talk:

Definitely the most comprehensive Japan travel guide site. They have so many guides that if printed back-to-back, it would be longer than the Encyclopedia Britannica. A must visit site for anyone remotely interested in Japan.


82 Small Towns In Japan 

japanese royal dessert

38 Japanese Desserts The Emperor Might Eat 


Tsunagu Japan: Sharing travel information for Japan

Tsunagu is probably our favorite go to site for Japan travel info. They post a lot of listicles but are very well put together with information that you can’t find anywhere else.

must buy souvenirs in Japan

24 Must-buy Souvenirs at Kansai Airport 

10 Shrines and Temples that Offer Unique and Interesting Experiences 


Matcha travel magazine

Matcha:Japan Travel Magazine

Matcha has a little bit of everything, from posts about Japanese culture, to travel guides, to restaurant tips, to ‘how to’ guides to help tourists. It might not be the prettiest site, but it has a lot of useful information.

Japan’s Oldest Amusement Park 

100 year old soba shop

A 100 Year Old Soba Shop Loved By Everyone 


Tadaima Japan

Tadaima Japan: Japan Culture Web Magazine

Tadaima literally means “I’m home” and their site should be your first stop when planning a trip to Japan. They have amazingly beautiful guides and a great YouTube channel as well.

osaka japan travel guide

Osaka: The City Of Food 

hiroshima japan travel guide

Hiroshima: Traditional and Peaceful Town 


around akiba

Around Akiba:Opening Akihabara to the World!

This site is a must for anime, manga, and gaming fans! There are just so much happening in Akihabara and so many stores to check out. Fear not! AroundAkiba has you covered with the latest and best info.

Vault Coffee – A Hideaway in Akihabara 

cosplay store akihabara polka polka

A Tour of Polka Polka 2nd Hand Cosplay Shop 


Interested in learning more about living in Japan? Or looking for Japanese food recipes? Or want to know the best places to eat while you’re in Japan? We’ll be coming out with part 2 of this post soon, so sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we publish it.

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2 Responses

Alicia Scarfe
Alicia Scarfe

February 07, 2017

Japanista went out of business and isn’t a website anymore

Ranko Yokoyama
Ranko Yokoyama

January 16, 2017

Thank you for the info. I am a japanese who has lived in New York but now I am living in Italy. I can’t wait to be able to visit Japan again!!

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