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Review: Gouden Wafels

February 03, 2016 2 min read 3 Comments

tokyo chocolate waffle japanese cookies

On my latest trip to Japan, I was browsing the souvenir store in the airport and noticed a box that said “Gouden Wafels.” Inititally, thought it was a funny “Engrish” mistake for “Golden Waffles” but was intrigued enough to pick up the box and take a second look. I realized it was a chocolate waffle sandwich snack that was made in Tokyo.  As a snack fanatic, I decided it was my duty to buy a box and review it for you here on Snakku.

Aside from Eggo and waffles as a breakfast meal, you don’t see many waffle snacks in the US. However, they are extremely popular in Japan. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and toppings. Some are thin, some are covered in chocolate, some are made into ice-cream sandwiches, and some are glazed with matcha green tea powder.

waffle Japanese snacks


After researching into the snack further, I realized that “Gouden Wafels” was actually Dutch for “Golden Wafels” (not a spelling mistake as I initially thought). I also found out that waffle sandwich snacks originated in the town of Gouda in the Netherlands. So not only was it NOT a spelling mistake, but “Gouden Wafels” is a clever play on the words golden and Gouda.  Anyway, enough about my ignorance and onto the snacks!

gouden wafels Japanese snack review


The packaging is pretty bare bones, but it’s wrapped in regal looking purple wrapping paper. And as per Japanese snack-packaging custom, each piece is individually wrapped to preserve its fresh and crisp quality. I liked how the see-through checkered package contrasted with the grill marks of the waffle. It gave it an interesting plaid-like aesthetic, or  a e s t h e t i c  for all you vaporwave fans out there.

The box that I got had 20 waffles in it, but you can also get it in an 8- or 12-pack. Oh, and these Japanese snacks are only available at gift stores in major Japanese airports.

japanese waffle snack review


From the moment I opened the packaging, I was met with a delicate aroma of freshly made waffles. The waffle cookies are perfectly golden and had just the right about crispiness. The cookies are pretty thin, but it wasn’t dry or too airy. Rather, it had a substantial feel and dense texture to it, which made it all the more tasty.

japanese snacks review

The light milk chocolate center covered the bottom waffle just enough without overwhelming the rest of the cookie. I couldn’t put these cookies down and kept going for seconds and thirds!

TLDR: These were some of the tastiest Japanese cookies I have ever had. We’ll definitely be including these in our future Japanese snack boxes!

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3 Responses

Khalifa Al Suwaidi
Khalifa Al Suwaidi

November 10, 2019

I found them in Donki in Osaka. Very tasty.

Arull Kandasamy
Arull Kandasamy

August 30, 2016

Please let me know where I can buy Gouden Wafels in Hachioji Area Japn


April 17, 2016

You guys are the best. I love the products you send every month and I can’t believe you spend so much time writing about every single snack you try. Keep up the good work, ganbatte kudasai!

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