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The World of Rusks

Rusks are crispy twice-baked baguette slices topped with sugar, cream, or frosting. It’s very popular in Japan, but rarely seen anywhere else. It's one of our favorite snacks at Snakku.

  • Discover the delicious popular Japanese Rusks
  • Nearly 2 pounds of snacks!
  • Includes summer exclusive Sea Salt Pocky
  • Great mix of sweet and salty snacks
  • Vibrant card describing the featured snacks and the story of the snack makers
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

 The Rusks

We worked with two amazing local Japanese snack companies to bring you some of the best rusks in Japan.

Japanese cookies rusks


Ryushodo 隆勝堂

Ryushodo Japanese snacks

Founded in 1924, Ryushodo is located in the tea growing region of Yame, Fukuoka. They started off making green tea flavored and traditional wagashi snacks. They became known for their dedication to using only the best local ingredients. Ryushodo is still very popular and has been passed down through the family for over 90 years.

Ryushodo’s rusks are made with the finest, locally sourced wheat and butter. The uniquely mellow matcha flavor is made possible by tea leaves picked by neighboring farms.

Cybele シベール

Japanese snacks rusks

Located deep within the mountains of Yamagata, the Cybele wheat workshop has continued to make some of the highest quality snacks in Japan for over 20 years. Cybele was founded with the belief that the highest quality snacks can only be made by hand. Even now, the artisans take pride in their work and hand-make all of their rusks.

While rusks from other companies in Japan are made from regular baguettes, Cybele takes a different approach and makes special baguettes specifically for rusks.

What Our Customers Said

"Your boxes are way too pretty to open, you have the presentation down perfectly!"
"I was surprised by how many snacks there were—other subscription boxes I've gotten had only half as much. This snack experience is unique, authentic, and most importantly, delicious. Highly recommended."
"Snakku has all the Japanese snacks that I love and also some traditional snacks that I haven't tried before. I was surprised how many snacks that I received."
"I just received my first Snakku box and love it. I want to send one as a gift to someone."
"I confess to having tried a bit of everything right away. Sweet and salty is a killer mix!"

What's In the Box?

Snakku Japanese snack subscription August box     

17 regionally made Japanese rusks of different flavors
Yuki no Yado: Slightly salty senbei topped with Hokkaido fresh cream
Summer Salty Pocky: Milk chocolate covered pocky with sea salt and sugar crystals
Maison De Kukkia: Matcha chocolate sandwiched between wafer cookies 
Bourbon Rumando: Grilled crepe cookie dipped in cocoa cream
Hokkaido Match Milk Candy: Made from Hokkaido milk and matcha from Aichi

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