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Kyoto Senbei

Senbei is a traditional Japanese rice cracker which has been a staple snack in Japan for over 400 years. Traditional senbei are made by grilling them over charcoal and brushing them lightly with sweet soy sauce.

  • Discover over 13 flavors of senbei
  • Nearly 2 pounds of snacks
  • Includes the original Glico candy with a toy
  • Great mix of sweet and salty snacks
  • Vibrant card describing the snacks and the story of the snack shops
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

 The Senbei

We worked with an award-winning local store in Kyoto to bring you some of the best senbei in Japan.

Ogurasansou 小倉山荘

Ogurasansou has been making traditional rice crackers for over 60 years. All of their senbei are hand made in their store in Kyoto, using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients. They express appreciation for Kyoto's natural beauty, history, and culture through their exquisite and meticulously made snacks.

We included over 13 different flavors of both mini (arare) and large senbeis. Each mini senbei bag come with 8 senbei of different shapes, sizes, texture, and flavor. They each represent a season, a region, or a feeling. For example, the salty ones represent the ocean while the leaf shaped ones represent autumn, and the spicy ones represent summer.


Flavors include: hand wrapped nori seaweed, lightly flavored sea salt, Aosa sea lettuce glazed with sweet soy sauce, shrimp flavor, shredded fragrant kelp, savory black soybean, maple glazed, sweet purple ube yam, sweet and salty mix, and rich black sesame.

The large Kyoto style senbei are handmade and have a crispy, airy texture.  Each rice cracker is grilled over charcoal and then brushed lightly with oil and soy sauce. Flavors include: Kyoto style salt, shrimp flavored, sugar glazed.

What Our Customers Said

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What's In the Box?


30 pieces of Japanese senbei from an award-winning shop in Kyoto
Original Glico Candy: The first candy made by the popular brand. This caramel candy is where it started.
Matcha Peejoy: Pocky's friend. Inside out Pocky filled with matcha cream
Bourbon Roanne: Crispy and light vanilla wafer sandwich 
Green Tea Dorayaki: Baked wheat cake stuffed with matcha red bean paste
Shiawasedo Milk Cake: Soft cake made with local Hokkaido milk

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