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Tokyo Treat Japanese Snack Subscription Review

October 02, 2015 8 min read 12 Comments

Tokyo Treat Japanese snack subscription review

A monthly supply of Japanese snacks! What can be better than that? Fortunately, if you are looking for a Japanese snack subscription box, there are a lot of options. Unfortunately, there are so many options that you might not know which one to pick. We’ve reviewed Skoshboxand JapanCratebefore; this time we are checking out Tokyo Treat.

Typically Japanese snack subscriptions fall into 2 categories: subscriptions filled with mass produced snacks, and subscriptions filled with locally produced authentic Japanese snacks. Tokyo Treat, like all the other Japanese snack subscription boxes, fall into the first category of only offering mass produced snacks (Snakku is the only subscription box that offers specialty Japanese snacks from traditional mom-and-pop stores in Japan). So out of all the snack subscriptions in the first category, how does Tokyo Treat stack up?


Ordering Process:

Tokyo Treat’s ordering process was straightforward. They offer 3 options, so you just pick one and place an order. If you want to ever pause or cancel the subscription, that’s easy as well. The only issue I encountered is that even though I ordered the more expensive “Premium” box days before the cut-off date, they sold out so I had to settle for their mid-tier “Regular” box.

One good thing about TokyoTreat is that they offer free shipping worldwide. But since they ship all their boxes from Japan, it might take a while for the boxes to arrive.

tokyotreat japanese snack box review

Price & Value:

Tokyo Treat offers 3 tiers of boxes. The ‘Small’ box starts at $14.99/month and contains 5-7 snacks. Skoshbox and JapanCrate offer a similar small option starting at around $12, so TokyoTreat’s option is the most expensive ‘Small’ option out of the bunch.

Then they have the ‘Regular’ box (the one I got) which starts at $24.99/month and includes 8-12 Japanese snacks. The ‘Premium’ box is $34.99/month and includes 13-17 snacks plus a drink. 

TokyoTreat review

In terms of value, my ‘Regular’ box cost $24.99 and included 10 different snacks.  Value wise, it’s on par with Skoshbox and definitely better than JapanCrate. JapanCrate’s box was filled mostly with gums and cheap candy, while Skoshbox’s selection seemed better curated. Skoshbox cost $24 and had about $8 worth of snacks. Japan Crate cost $30 and included about $11 worth of goods. Tokyo Treat cost $25 and had about $8 worth of snacks in it.

If you live in the US, both Skoshbox and Tokyo Treat are about the same. However, if you live outside of the US, you might want to go with Tokyo Treat because they offer free international shipping, whereas Skoshbox charges a fee.

TokyoTreat review


TokyoTreat was shipped in a regular brown cardboard box. There were a few stickers on the box to spruce things up a bit. Inside was a single piece of red tissue paper and a colorful pamphlet describing the snacks.

Tokyo Treat review

In terms of packaging and presentation, TokyoTreat falls behind Skoshbox and Japan Crate. Skoshbox’s postcard is better designed and lists ingredients for all of their snacks (for those with allergies). Japan Crate’s packaging, while not as good as Skoshbox, is still ahead of TokyoTreat with their bright red box and fun snack description flyer. Tokyo Treat’s flyer does describe all the snacks, but is no frills and doesn’t have any ingredients listed out. This is especially troublesome for the included DIY snacks because all of the instructions are in Japanese. If you don’t understand Japanese…good luck with your DIY snack.

The Snacks:

Now onto the all-important Japanese snacks. Let’s see how they are.

Bake Cookies & Cream Flavor Chocolate: “Enjoy the rich taste of baked, crisp cookies with a sweet and creamy interior! They are said to never melt in your hand, and for a fun summer treat, try freezing them to enjoy as an ice cream alternative.”

Tokyo Treat Japanese Snack review

I had high hopes for this one as I had expected it to taste like mini cookies and cream biscuits. Unfortunately, it did not taste very good. The center tasted like dry, powdery cream and the exterior layer was a greasy, bland layer of chocolate. If I had to describe what artificial flavor tastes like, this would be it. It was sickeningly sweet and left a really bad aftertaste.

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read): Not good. Way too sweet and leaves a bad aftertaste.

Monster Stamp: “A hard-type of soda sweet that can actually be used as a stamp, through licking and wetting. Please do this on something else edible for safety reasons! After stamping your tongue, you will see an adorable monster appear! Taste, play, stamp-it-up and enjoy!”

TokyoTreat Japan snack review

This hard candy was pretty creative and fun. You can lick it and use it as a stamp! The candy is even shaped with a handle for easy stamping. This pack had three different Halloween stamp designs. You might not want to stamp on anything you like to keep long-term though, since, you know, it being sugary slobber and all. The taste itself was not bad either - it reminded me of the Sweetheart candies that you find at the checkout aisles in supermarkets. 

TLDR: Really fun candy and tastes pretty good too.

Red Bull Taste Hunter Gummy: “These delicious gummies have collaborated with the popular Japanese game Monster Hunter, to create a wild treat for any type of adventurer. The energy taste mixed with honey will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your next gaming binge!”

TokyoTreat review

There were 2 kinds of gummies in the bag. The soft yellow one tasted exactly like Red Bull, except I'm pretty sure it doesn't give you the same energizing effects as an actual Red Bull drink (that'd be pretty neat though, huh?). The white one was covered in a hard sour coating but had the same yellow gummy on the inside. This one was nothing special, just a regular gummy.

TLDR: Gummy that tastes exactly like RedBull.

Calbee Tuna Flavor Potato Chips: “Toro, or Fatty-tuna coveted in Japanese sushi can be felt from each bite of these delicious chip, but the kicker is there is no fish ingredients within this snack! A mixture of soy sauce, avocado, and wasabi have somehow recreated this familiar taste.”

TokyoTreat review

I’ve seen these before at my local Japanese store, but never tried it. And wow, these chips really do taste like tuna sushi! I personally liked these chips a lot, but I feel like these would be very polarizing. You are either going to love it or hate it.

TLDR: Do you like tuna sushi? Well these chips taste exactly like it.

Rilakkuma Pretzels: “From the popular bear character Mascot and Kabaya snacks comes Rilakkuma pretzel biscuits! Enjoy the sweet aroma of honey butter as you take every bite of this delightful snack!”

TokyoTreat Japanese snack review

This is basically a thin sweet pretzel stick that tastes like honey and butter. The subtle sweetness is very tasty, but the buttery finish makes it a bit heavy. I quickly finished the pack, but I don’t think I could eat more than that in a sitting because the butter flavor tends to get overwhelming.

TLDR: Tastes exactly like the description. It’s a honey butter pretzel and pretty tasty.

Round-n-Round Takoyaki: “Based off the famous Japanese street good, Takoyaki, we were shocked how similar the tastes was to the original meal! Artificial octopus and mayonnaise made from flour sure can fool anyone! Use a toothpick and heat, skewer and bake just as you would regular Takoyaki!”

Japanese DIY snack

This was one of the most laborious DIY snacks I’ve ever tried. Overall, it took about 20mins to make and required scissors, water, and a microwave. The directions were pretty complicated and all in Japanese so if you don’t understand Japanese, you probably are going to get lost. The finished product was…interesting, and not in a good way. It definitely smelled and looked like Takoyaki (one of my favorite foods) but tasted nothing like it. It had a weird chewy texture and left a really bad after-taste. I’m not a fan of DIY snacks because they typically taste pretty bad, and this just confirms my dislike even more.

TLDR: Requires a lot of involvement to make, but all that effort leads to a mess of disappointment.

Lotte Koala’s March Strawberries: “The popular koala march cookies are back! Enjoy buttery, crisp koala-shaped biscuits with refreshing strawberry cream filling!”

japanese snack review

These super popular snacks are always great. They usually come with a chocolate filling, but the strawberry filling is just as good. Each cookie is shaped like a koala and has different cute koala drawings on them. These are arguably the most common Japanese snack in the US and you can them at any Asian grocery store, sometimes even in regular supermarkets.

TLDR: Very popular snacks available at any Asian grocery store. Super tasty!

Crackling Panic Cola!: “These cola-flavored candy bites will shock and amaze you with their crackling and fizzing powers! The bold taste will remind you of bubbly cola and keep you wanting more!”

Japanese snack subscription review

There were two different types of candies in the bag. The brown, crystal looking ones were like soda flavored pop rocks. They were pretty decent. The white ones tasted like Japanese ramune soda but didn’t pop in your mouth. Together, they tasted like solidified soda.

TLDR: If you like pop rocks, you’ll like these.

Fujiya Milky Candy: “Made from fresh milk from the Hokkaido region of Japan this candy is a thick and soft milk chew that really brings out the sweet flavor of dairy goods that you probably will not find elsewhere!”

TokyoTreat review

These are really tasty and one of the first milk candies popularized in Japan, making them a classic among Japanese snacks. They are chewy, sweet, milk-flavored candy and readily available in most Asian grocery stores. It’s like condensed milk in candy form.

TLDR: Very good chewy milk candy.

Pretz Soy Sauce Biscuit: “These limited edition Pretz sticks have been dipped in soy sauce and are perfect for when you are having a salty craving. Enjoy the crisp biscuit paired with the savory flavored of Japanese soy sauce!”

Tokyo Treat Japanese snacks review

Pretz are like the savory version of Pocky. They’re very popular, but I’ve never had this flavor before. These came in a flat, wide stick shape instead of the usual Pretz sticks, and it tasted like a crispy grilled pretzel glazed with soy sauce. This has a distinct Japanese flavor that you won’t find in any other snack. Personally I liked this a lot, but a few people mentioned that the soy sauce flavor was too strong.

TLDR: A very unique Pretz. If you like soy sauce flavored snacks, you’ll like this.

Overall Impression:

So Skoshbox vs Japan Crate vs Tokyo Treat? Which one is the best Japanese snack subscription box? If I were to rank these 3, I would say Skoshbox first, then Tokyo Treat, and Japan Crate last.

In terms of packaging, Skoshbox wins hands down. Their box is better designed, and you can tell that they put more thought into their packaging.

In terms of value, both Skoshbox and Tokyo Treat offer about the same value. All 3 boxes offer readily available, mass produced Japanese snacks that you can get at any Asian grocery store. The types of snacks they put in their boxes are the same, and the amount of snacks they put in are also about the same. Both Skoshbox and TokyoTreat include about $8 worth of snacks in their ~$25 boxes. Japan Crate unfortunately comes in last because their selection of snacks is the worst of the three (you can read more about this here).

tokyotreat japanese snack box review

Where Tokyo Treat pulls ahead is the free worldwide shipping. In terms of service, I would say all 3 are the same too. It’s pretty easy to sign up, cancel, and pause a subscription and they are all fairly responsive to emails and requests.

Hope this review helped you decide which Japanese snack subscription is better. If you are looking for more authentic, locally made Japanese snacks that you won’t find anywhere else, then check out our Snakku box.

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12 Responses

Amanda Byers
Amanda Byers

November 10, 2019

Completely awful, especially through Facebook. Took my information automatically and when I tried to buy 1 box instead signed her up for the $200 6-month subscription. No refunds.
On top of that it turns out that it is automatically renewed. $400 when we only wanted 1 box. Completely awful (and the stuff inside is pretty awful too)

Michele Alexander
Michele Alexander

November 10, 2019

Was charged for two subscription boxes that never arrived. Originally told to wait two months and then was told I’m not entitled to a refund because I didn’t choose to buy insurance. Now having to go through the chargeback process with my bank to get the refund I am legally entitled to under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.Total scam – avoid this company completely.

Richard G
Richard G

November 10, 2019

I just bought my son a Tokyo Treat subscription as an impulse buy and found this article doing some post-purchase research. I’ve found that many businesses run “review” sites where they will pit competitors against each other pointing out all the flaws and then at the end of the article present their product as an alternative.

I want to give kudos because this article was the most balanced and fair article of this type I’ve ever seen. I didn’t realize I had made it over to a competitor’s site and the mention of Snakku in the article went straight over my head until I got to the end and saw you were the founder. You gave me lots of great, honest info in the voice of someone who cares about the market and the readers. Kudos! And even though I was in the market to just get my son some boxes full of random mass-produced stuff, I am going to take a hard look at your stuff as well.


November 10, 2019

TokyoTreat don’t care about their customers. Worse customer service ever. Automatic renewals of the account without warning. I changed the shipping address and the boxes never arrived. If you want Japanese snacks don’t go to ToKyo treat.


November 10, 2019

Don’t choose tokyotreat if you are worried In the slightest you might have to deal with their customer “support”, they don’t have any intention of offering any solutions, they will string you along for a bit before telling you there’s nothing they can do for you. They do a bunch of promotions to get you to sign up for multiple months, getting you to pay in advance, and they won’t send you the promotion items they promised (this happened to me with the black friday promo), they will tell you the items where “free” so they don’t owe you anything. The entire operation seems shady, they tried to convince me canada post must have confiscated my coin purse and ice cream kitkats even though the seal on the box wasn’t broken. I can’t wait till my subscription is over so I don’t have to do business with them anymore, they are predators, their prey are fans of Japanese snacks. The way they can make you feel powerless by taking your money and not delivering on their end of the deal is frustrating and not worth the stress. Save yourself and find a diffirent subscription service, if I can save even one person from having to deal with the sheer injustice I’ve felt I’m content.


January 27, 2017

Be careful. Tokyo Treat do not send your boxes. I have ordered the box twice, but the boxes did not arrive to me. I have asked to Tokyo Treat many times but they only say if they receive box back then they will refund.
I absolutely did not advice you to order from this company.

Lisa Contarino
Lisa Contarino

March 06, 2016

Is there a phone number I can call to find out if the candy has been shipped?


January 22, 2016

@Catrina – thanks so much! We’re so happy that you enjoy the Snakku experience :)
@ Seagal – our tasting box is $14.95 per month. It’s smaller than our regular box but still has tons of snacks that you can only get in Japan.


January 10, 2016

Do we have to pay 14 every month


December 25, 2015

new big box


November 18, 2015

I love the Japanese food, Snakku is a good option if you love japanese snacks. There are some other sellers as well. I like buying from as well :)

Catrina lynne
Catrina lynne

November 12, 2015

I’ve subscribed to Skoshbox and dekabox also japan crate and tokyotreat as well as others like shikibox and box from Japan and others I review them on my youtube channel and when I’m disappointed i say so. I recently subscribed to Snakku and was so happy and pleasantly surprised with the quality I finally found the box for me. I unsubscribed to tokyotreat and japan crate and found quality and variety and value that I want and need in snakku. Thank you for being the best! I wish I found you sooner.
Catrina Lynne

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