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Winter In Japan

This month’s Snakku box theme is “Winter in Japan”. Explore the snacks from the snowy regions of Japan.

  • Over 20 snacks. That's nearly 2 pounds of snacks!
  • Includes award winning seasonal snacks only available in certain regions of Japan
  • High quality snow rabbit shaped matcha cream daifuku
  • Delicious ramune Japanese soda flavored candy
  • Vibrant card describing the snacks and the story of the snack shops
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

Discover Snowy Japan

snowy japan

Japan is a land of constant change and ever changing seasons. Winter in Japan can especially be very drastic. Did you know that Japan gets some of the heaviest snowfalls in the entire world!? Many areas of Japan regularly get over 300inches (~8meters) of snowfall a year. That’s more than double some of the snowiest areas in the US! 

Usagi Cream Daifuku (うさぎクリーム大福)

Usagi Cream Daifuku

These tasty daifuku are made to look like Japan’s snow rabbits. The mochi outside is made with matcha green tea from the famous Uji region of Kyoto. The cream filling is made from milk from the snowy regions of northern Japan. Put the daifuku in the fridge for 30mins before you eat it for the best taste!

Yuzukiri (ゆきづり)

yukizuri winter japanese seasonal snacks

This snack is a hit in the Ishikawa prefecture of Japan and has even been featured in numerous TV shows. It’s made with rice from Kanazawa, plum from the small town of Noto, and eggs from the hot spring city of Kaga. The snacks are made to look like snow covered tree branches or roof tiles.

Tsuyahime-iri Senbei (つや姫入りせんべい)

tsuyahime rice senbei

These senbei rice crackers are made in the snowy region of Yamagata Japan and made with locally harvested Tsuyahime rice. The roasted rice grains in the senbei are made to look like snowflakes.

Amaebi Age Mochi (甘海老あげ餅)

 amaebi sweet shrimp senbei

Sweet shrimp (amaebi) is only in season in Japan during the cold winter months. These senbei are very light and puffy, and made at a legendary senbei shop in Tokyo. Oh and it’s made using real seasonal amaebi.

-41°C Below Freezing (氷点下41度)

-41 degrees japanese winter cookies

This baked almond white chocolate wafers represent the blistering cold winters of Japan. The name comes from when parts of Japan were a record setting -41°C (-41°F) in 1906.

What Our Customers Say

"OMG I love this month's box! Can I order another one?"
"Snakku is a Japanese snack subscription that is very different from other boxes I have reviewed. This is a fantastic box and i was really impressed. Snakku is a great example of what a subscription box should be about!"
"I'm very impressed with the quality and professionalism of Snakku. It's not your typical Japanese snack box as it has such a classy feel to it."
"I was surprised by how many snacks there were—other subscription boxes I've gotten had only half as much. This snack experience is unique, authentic, and most importantly, delicious. Highly recommended."
"There are a lot of Japanese snack subscriptions out there, but nothing comes close to Snakku. You can tell each item is carefully chosen, and the box is packaged with care. I don't think I'll ever stop getting Snakku. It's just too special."

What's In the Box?

december snakku box  december snakku japanese snack subscription
Over 20 snacks themed around winter in Japan- nearly 2 pounds of snacks!
Tons of snacks from 5 boutique shops in snowy regions of Japan.

Plus the popular snacks below:
Ottoto: The perfect afternoon snack. Slightly salted, fun vegetable shaped puff crackers.
Hokkaido Manju: Slow baked glazed manju cake filled with red bean paste from Hokkaido
Bourbon Chocoliere: Baked wheat biscuit topped with milk chocolate
Ramune Soda Candy: 3 types of Japanese ramune candies: fizzy, chilly, and fruity!
Mini Rice Crackers: Star shaped rice crackers are a perfect mix of sweet and salty
Salty Senbei: Very light and airy rice cracker topped with Japanese salt
snakku december japanese snack box  yukizuri snakku japanese snack box

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