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Tokyo Boutique

Tokyo:  So much to do, so much to see, and so much to eat! This month, we feature a variety of different snacks from boutique shops in Tokyo!

  • Over 22 snacks. That's nearly 2 pounds of snacks!
  • Includes limited edition Tokyo Banana which are only available in Tokyo
  • Seasonal ube purple potato Meiji Horn
  • Delicious sake flavored candy
  • Vibrant card describing the snacks and the story of the snack shops
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

From Tokyo With Love

When visiting Tokyo, the famous places you read about all the time are definitely a must visit, but make sure to take a stroll away from the main path and venture into the lesser known parts of the city. The same goes for the snacks. The popular ones are great, but the real gems are from the stores that only locals know about. This box features a variety of different snacks from small boutique shops in Tokyo!

Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)

limited edition snakku tokyo banana

These snacks are only found in Tokyo and are one of the most popular snacks in the city! This banana shaped fluffy sponge cake is made with real bananas and has been a hit ever since it was introduced in 1991. Even I (Shigeki - Snakku founder) don’t particularly like banana flavored snacks, really enjoy these! The Tokyo Banana in this month’s box is filled with banana maple custard. You can read more about it here where we take a closer look at the snack.

Tokyo Banana Pie (東京ばな奈パイ)

tokyo banana pie

A very delicate biscuit made by Tokyo Banana. Like all of their snacks from this store, this is also made with bananas. There’s a light smooth finish to the cookies, which is achieved by using quality bananas and slowly baking the cookies.

Mame Yakko (豆やっこ)

tokyo snacks

Made by a small shop in the lavish Ginza neighborhood, this unique cracker is made from a mixture of edamame beans and rice. They douse the cracker in a secret broth before baking it, giving it a crisp clean savory finish. Flavors include edamame, spicy dashi broth, and traditional roasted kinako soybean flour.

Kinesha (衣しゃ)

 japanese snack box

These seasonal folded butter biscuits are from a lesser known but up-and-coming snack store in Ginza. The three flavors (plain, maple, and chocolate) are made to represent the foliage from autumn in Japan.

What Our Customers Said

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What's In the Box?

snakku japanese snack box  snakku november

Over 22 snacks - nearly 2 pounds of snacks!
Tons of snacks from 3 boutique shops in Tokyo plus the popular snacks below:
Sweet Sake Soft Candy: Mellow candy made with real rice sake.
Seasonal Meiji Horn: Delicate biscuit sandwich made with Japanese purple yam.
Nidoage Mochi: Double grilled soy glazed mochi crackers. 
Mukashi no Senbei: Old school rice crackers grilled in a clay fire kiln.
Double Anzutsumi: Two kinds of stuffed mochi cakes (sweet potato & red bean).

snakku japanese snack subscription box  snakku best japanese snack box

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