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From Japan's Foodie City

This month, we featured snacks from the historic city of Osaka 大阪!

  • Over 20 snacks. That's nearly 1.5 pounds of snacks!
  • Exclusive snacks from the city of Osaka
  • Unique snacks from the foodie capital of Japan
  • Vibrant card describing the snacks and the story of the snack shop
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

Osaka: The Foodie Capital of Japan

beautiful osaka castle

Osaka (大阪) is the second largest city in Japan. It’s known for the beautiful Osaka castle in the middle of the city, but is also known to be the “nation’s kitchen”.

Osaka has historically been a merchant town and the center for rice trading. This has helped Osaka become a major foodie city and some of the most iconic Japanese comfort foods originated in Osaka.

Osaka Foodie City

There are more places to eat per square foot than anywhere else in the world in the famous Dotonbori district of Osaka. Even the famous Japanese snack company Glico (the makers of Pocky) started in Osaka. This month, we bring you just a sliver of the flavors that Osaka has to offer.


Tako Patiss (たこパティエ)

takoyaki snacks

Takoyaki is one of the most iconic street foods of Japan. They are balls of savory dough wrapped around a piece of octopus, then topped with delicious sauce. You can find them all over Japan, especially at festivals, but they originated in Osaka. Now, thanks to the famous Hyogetsudo snack shop in Osaka, you can enjoy the flavor of takoyaki in a bite-sized snack! 

takoyaki snacks from Japan

Takoyaki from Osaka

Osaka Choco Egg (大阪チョコたまご)

osaka tamago snack

Bite sized cakes in the shape of an egg, covered with white chocolate. These are super popular in Osaka and you’ll be coming back for more!

Osaka Molasses Kinako Mochi (大阪黒蜜きなこ餅)

best mochi in japan

This unique mochi is covered in kinako (roasted soybean flour) and filled with black molasses. It’s handmade by a local snack vendor in Osaka.

Mayo Senbei (マヨおかき)

mayo senbei from japan

Mayonnaise is widely used in a lot of food in Osaka. Japanese mayo is a bit different than your typical mayo in a few ways. Japanese mayo is made from only the egg yolk, whereas regular mayo uses the whole egg. Japanese mayo also uses rice vinegar compared to distilled vinegar for regular mayo. This makes Japanese mayo lighter, airier, and creamier. These senbei are made using locally produced Japanese mayo.

Caramel Pudding Cake (大阪キャラメルプリンケーキ)

caramel pudding cake

These bite-sized cakes won the prestigious Monde Gold Award in 2014. They are made by a small family owned snack store which was established in 1924. All of their snacks are made by hand using the original recipes from when the store first opened.


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What's In the Box?

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Over 20 snacks themed around limited edition Osaka Japanese snacks that you won't find anywhere else. Only available in Japan or through Snakku!

Plus the popular snacks below:
Kokutou Senbei: One of our new favorite snacks! The perfect mix of lightly salted senbei glazed with sweet cream and molasses from Hokkaido.
Vegetable Crackers: Two types of bite-sized vegetable rice crackers. The perfect afternoon snack!
Couque D'asses: Delicately baked biscuits sandwiches filled with vanilla cream.
Chocolate & Vanilla Rusks: Twice baked Japanese style baguettes topped with either a chocolate or vanilla glaze. So good!

Azuki Candy: Sweet red bean candy with a slightly salty center filling. One of the most unique candies we’ve had.

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