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Edamame Snacks from The City of Trees

This month we feature snacks fromSendai, a beautiful coastal city in northeastern Japan.

  • Over 20 snacks. That's nearly 1.5 pounds of snacks!
  • Exclusive regional snacks from Sendai
  • A special snack made at a 400 year old Buddhist temple
  • Seasonal snacks made with locally harvested Edamame
  • Free traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth guide

Snacks from the City of Trees

sendai city of trees

Sendai is a beautiful coastal city in northeastern Japan and was founded by the powerful Daimyo Warlord, Date Masamune, in 1600. The city was hit by a devastating tsunami in 2011, but has since bounded back with gusto!

organic edamame snacks

Sendai is famous for food that is made with “Zunda” (crushed edamame paste) because Masamune used to eat Zunda before going to war. The city is also known as one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in Japan. It’s called the “City of Trees” because of its abundant greenery, parks, and tree-lined streets. Definitely visit Sendai during their summer Tanabata Festival; it’s considered one of the greatest festivals in Japan!


Shiogama (しおがま)


Shiogama is a snack made by a Buddhist temple in Sendai. Each piece is carefully handmade using the original recipe and techniques passed down since 1600.

shiogama local snacks

The outer layer is made with a mixture of finely milled, locally produced rice from Miyagi, shiso (Japanese basil) from Sendai, and premium sugar from Tokushima. The inside is filled with lightly salted Azuki red bean paste. This snack is a favorite of Japan’s royal family!


Zunda Chiffon Cake (ずんだシフォンケーキ)

edamame cake

A local delicacy! This soft Zunda-flavored wheat cake is filled with creamy custard.

Zunda Manju (ずんだまんじゅう)

zunda edamame snacks

Soft thin-skinned rice cake filled with a slightly sweet Zunda filling. Perfect with a cup of green tea.

Sendai Zunda Tart Cookie (ずんだタルトケーキ)

zunda tart cookie

A light butter cookie topped with a tart mixture of Zunda and almond glaze. The slight earthiness of the Zunda compliments the sweetness very nicely.

Zunda Bamboo Dango (ずんだ笹だんご)

zunda edamame dango

Mini Japanese sweet rice cake made from local Mochiko (rice flour), filled with sweet red bean paste.


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What's In the Box?

Snakku top japanese snacks  edamame japanese snacks

Over 20 snacks themed around seasonal edamame Japanese snacks made in the beautiful coastal city of Sendai. All snacks are available only through Snakku!

Plus the popular snacks below:

Matcha Azuki Cake: Fluffy matcha green tea cake sandwich filled with Azuki red bean cream.

Kani Crab Chips: Airy wheat chips made with Japanese crab.

Zarajiman: Senbei rice crackers covered with large Japanese sugar crystals.

Cheese Kibun Senbei: Thin rice crackers baked with Japanese cheddar cheese.

Ko-Ume Candy: Slightly sour candy made with Japanese ume plum. A unique mix of sour and sweet!

  snacks made from edamame   edamame snacks from Sendai Japan

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